YPF do Onelife Oneday in London

YPF do Onelife Oneday, 11th March 2017


Let’s go to London for the day together!! 


Friends, I just heard about the Onelife Oneday in London on 11th March. Their events are always well thought through, fun & challenging and I know it will help us to grow as followers of Jesus. Let’s go together.


Here are the details: 


Date: 11th March
Time: 9.30-5.00 pm


Tickets cost £10.00 if you book on ahead of time. Here’s the link:


We’ll meet at Chorleywood train station at: 7.50 (gah!) to catch the 8.09 train.
We should arrive back at 6.45 pm at the station.


You’ll need money for your train ticket and if you want to buy lunch. Alternatively, bring a packed lunch.


Let me know if/ when you’ve booked!


Loads of love,
Fiona x