Services At Christ Church

image 28.30am Reflective Holy Communion

Service with hymns

10.30am Morning Worship

3rd Sunday of the month is Holy Communion.

There is a crèche (Pebbles) every week in the toddlers room, and children’s groups meet
REAL Life (Year 6 and above) meet at Christ Church school at 10:30.
The Rock on Sunday (up to year 6) start in church then go into their own groups.

17th DecemberA strong shepherd for the flockMicah 5 v2-4
24th DecemberA saviour for the lostMatthew 1 v18-25
31st DecemberAn escape to EgyptMatthew 2 v1-15
What does it mean to live as a servant of Christ
7th JanuaryEpiphanytbc
14th JanuaryPartnership and fruitfulnessPhilippians 1 v1-11
21st JanuaryFor me to live is ChristPhilippians 1 v12-26
28th JanuaryChrist-like conduct, despite the challengesPhilippians 1 v27-30

6.30pm Informal Evening Worship

1st Sunday of the month is Informal Holy Communion.

17th DecemberNine Lessons and Carols
24th DecemberA saviour for youLuke 2 v1-7
31st DecemberNo evening service
The good news of Christ - putting it out there!
7th JanuaryDon't be ashamed to bear witness2 Timothy 1 v1-12
14th JanuaryDon't depart from the messenger or its messengers!2 Timothy 1 v13-18
21st JanuaryEndure Hardship2 Timothy 2 v1-13
28th JanuaryStay pure2 Timothy 2 v14-26