We did it!

Dear friends,

There has been much to celebrate over this last year of Daily Discipleship.  We have journeyed together through every chapter of the New Testament, covered some inspiring and challenging Old Testament books and been blessed by the reflections of our gifted and godly contributors.

As this year draws to a close, and a new year appears on the horizon, we have been seeking afresh what it means to live lives of Deeper Discipleship. After much prayer and careful thought we sense that the current season of Daily Discipleship should come to an end.

As a Church we remain committed to the daily reading of scripture. After all, the Bible is the portrait of the Jesus we are seeking to follow. Therefore we warmly recommend that you each seriously consider following the Bible reading notes ‘Daily Bread’ published by Scripture Union.

daily-breadDaily Bread follows a similar format to our reflections, and like Daily Discipleship their aim is to help us hear from God as we read the Bible. They are sure to challenge, encourage and inspire us in our ongoing walks of Deeper Discipleship.  I attach a small sample for your viewing.

So please don’t delay, sign up today for Daily Bread. A booklet covering 3 months costs £3.99 and are available from our bookshop. Please do email the office if you want us to reserve you a copy. Alternatively, you can get the same notes direct to your phone or tablet by downloading the app here. Online subscriptions range from £1.49 for month, to £9.99 for a year.

As 2016 draws closer may it be a year in which we each draw closer to God.

With warmest wishes,


Please can I add a PS to Dave’s note … mainly to say thank you to him for following God’s prompting in putting this project together in the first place!!  I’d also like to say that it’s been a privilege to receive people’s testimonies of how God’s spoken to them through the daily studies and I know many of you have found others’ feedback encouraging too.  I’d love it if we could keep this ‘conversation’ about what God is doing in our lives going.  Please keep an eye out for information about the ways in which we’re planning to make this possible!

Debbie x