June 25th – Tracy Brown

Psalm 68 verse 5father-and-son



I find myself writing this letter on Fathers’ Day and following a week of tragedy with the

Grenfell Tower fire … The verse above is the verse that came up in my daily reading for today. How appropriate. It feels to me, as I imagine it does to you, that now more than ever do we need God our Father to be comforting so many people in our hurting world. We know that all over the world such tragedies are commonplace and yet when it is in our country in our capital city, on our doorstep, we feel the pain so much more personally.

David Hall recently preached a sermon with the heading ‘Turbo-charged Christianity’.   I found this very challenging. We are not only called to ‘not stay angry’, ‘unlock inner forgiveness’ and’ build bridges’, but to go several steps further than this. We are called to be more than compassionate, our compassion needs to be active. I feel angry about the fire that has devastated every single family who lived in that tower block and it feels righteous somehow to apportion blame. Yes it is OK to feel angry for a while and to channel that anger if it means it propels us into action, but God’s requirement is not only that I forgive but that I go further than that and move forward with righteous action.   Each of us needs to pray and listen to find out what our righteous action looks like in showing love to any who are suffering.

Thankfully Jesus has already entered into our realm of existence and he is eager to participate in our journey of change. We know we cannot do any of the previous paragraph without His help. He is already in the middle of the storm and the mess and says to us ‘I will walk with you if you let me’. And when we doubt where Jesus is when we are faced with the tragedies of the past few weeks we need to hold on tight to Hebrews 11 :1 which says ‘ Faith is being sure of what we hope for and knowing something is real, even if we do not see it.’

 As emotionally driven people we often find ourselves in peaks and valleys, caught between hope and despair and we need to ask for grace to trust Him, no matter what the circumstances look like to our human eyes.

Help us Lord this week to be active Christians and send us out to share your love. Amen

With Love


(Pastoral Minister)