Time to get Messy!!

On Saturday 12th a group of us who love a bit of christmas cheer and getting covered in paint and PVA planned a whole array of different craft activities for our Christmas Messy Church!

About 25 families came and made sock angels, handprint manger christmas cards, glitter decorations (sorry Debbie!!), drew our own wrapping paper alongside a number of different games to chose from: how many presents can you get to baby Jesus (bean bags in a manger!), a classic game of pin the tail on the donkey, and a treasure hunt to be like the kings and find as many stars as we could around the Junction.

IMAG1236       IMAG1239      IMAG1238

We then went into church and Cheryl talked to us about how we can be reminded of Jesus through our christmas crackers – sounds crazy right? But it’s true!

  • The paper crown reminds us how Jesus is King, and he was a good a special king who is going to lead us well and true.
  • The toy/gift to remind us how Jesus was a gift to us all from God in heaven. That He loved us so much that he sent Jesus to help us, to heal us and to love us and to live the right way.
  • The joke reminds us that Jesus brings us joy to the world for each one of us.

It was a great morning of messy christmas fun, keep a look out for our Messy Church at Easter on Saturday 12th March