The Book of Revelation

Congratulations on reaching this far. We are now about to begin the final book of the New Testament!revelation

The Revelation of John is regarded by many as the hardest book to understand in the New Testament. It is full of strange imagery and veiled language, but despite this, it has proved a source of inspiration for Christians throughout the centuries.

At its core, this book offers a clear and compelling vision of God’s ultimate purpose for creation. It describes the way in which the forces of evil are at work in idolatrous and tyrannical political systems, and how these will be, and are being, overthrown by the victory of Jesus and the costly victory of His followers.

Written in the late first century, the world in which we live today is no less dangerous or complex, and so we owe it to ourselves to get our heads and hearts around the glorious picture described in these enigmatic chapters. For as we lift the curtain on this unfolding drama, we receive a clear call to be a tireless and faithful witness to God’s love in a world of violence, hatred and suspicion. An inspiration and encouragement for us all to continue in our daily walks of discipleship, and to be attentive to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Behold, I am coming soon!’ (Rev 22).