Simon Tulett – 4th May 2014

I thought I would take the opportunity of this staff letter to encourage you with the fantastic spring term we have had with Rock Solid, our Sunday morning youth group. Rock Solid is a group for 11 to 14 year olds that runs each week during the 1030 service. We started the term by looking at the gospel and what we believe as Christians, then we used this to spring board us into an exciting project to show God’s love to our the local community.

The young people spent the term baking and packing some very well presented Orange Madeira cakes, writing some hand-made cards to explain the gift on behalf of Christ Church, and then giving them out door to door around a few streets in Chorleywood. It was amazing to see the young people grow in confidence when they received a look of bewilderment (sometimes Sunday morning ‘fresh out of bed’ bewilderment) and then genuine gratefulness at being given a free, carefully made gift.

My absolute favourite part of the project was seeing the group experience being used directly by God to reach out to our local community. It was their cards that were handed out, their cakes that were given, and it was they who actually gave out these gifts. God was using them to show his love in our town, and this is especially amazing considering the positive responses we received.

We received one great story from a woman who felt her old opinions of Christianity had been really challenged, and that “maybe there is something in this God stuff after all”. We also received a few thank you cards and our leaders had some great conversations with people out on the street. It was a joy to see and hear how people were getting to see something of what we are; a welcoming church that experiences, and then gets to live, the love of God.

I’m sure you will join with us as we thank God for all he has done with and through our young people this last term, and also remember the group in your prayers as we head into next term learning more about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, and having loads of fun in the process!

Simon Tulett
Youth Ministry Assistant