Simon Tulett – 23rd February 2014

Dear All

Exodus chapter 1 came up in one of my quiet times this last week, which tells the beginning of the story of how the descendants of Israel fell into slavery in Egypt. In particular some words in verse 8 got me thinking:

‘Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph.’

This new king forgot the history of his people and of the role that Joseph held within it, causing him to make some decisions that held severe consequences for the people of Israel.

This is just one of so many stories in the bible where we find people getting themselves, or others, into trouble because they failed to remember the past, and failed to remember the past acts of God.

We all eventually find ourselves in places in our lives where God seems distant, or quiet. In times like these it can be so easy to get lost in the moment – “Where is He?” “Am I really His?” “Have I done something wrong?” “Has He turned His face away from me?” But instead we need to learn from the mistakes of those we read about in the scriptures and become good at remembering the acts God had already done in our lives.

Remembering God in our past can be such an encouraging, and challenging thing to do. So I’d love to invite you join me by spending a bit of time this week praying and thinking through these two main questions.

Firstly: When was the last time you felt God powerfully teaching you something new? And what was it that He taught you? Have you really learnt that lesson?

Secondly: What experience in your life most affirms the reality of your relationship with God?

Simon Tulett, Youth Ministry Assistant