September 4th – Debbie Bloomfield

Dear Friends,

A couple of weeks ago a number of us spent a wonderful day with God in Tracy Brown’s garden in Flaunden. It was a really precious day and I would so encourage you to sign up for any similar days run here or elsewhere in the future.

At one point in the day we listened to the story of Jesus calming of the storm (Mark 4 v35-41). Tracy read the passage a couple of times, asking us each time to imagine ourselves as a disciple. It was interesting!

On the first reading I didn’t get past the first verse. I thought that, if I’d have been a disciple, I wouldn’t have left the shore. Those seas were treacherous and quite frankly it’d already been a long day of teaching, crowds and heat. … Yes, I would have stayed on the shore for as long as was polite then slunk away home to rest, shower, watch TV …

But on the second reading God showed me something new. I was running to jump in the boat first, enjoying every moment of the journey, just being with Jesus, even if he was fast asleep. And when the storm rose I was clinging to the mast, shouting at the storm to give it all it had because I had my friend Jesus with me, and I was filled with excitement and anticipation for what my God would do in this situation that would show his glory.

Then Jesus said those words to the waves: “Quiet! Be still!” and my heart was singing with joy at this amazing, all powerful person who was my friend and had asked me to be with him.

So, you might say, “You’re a mixed up person, Debbie!’ and you’d be right! But what a glorious lesson God taught me. If I pander to the anxious and lazy me, I miss out on the glorious adventures God wants me to be part of. If I put these thoughts to one side and join with him, going where he is, being part of what he’s doing, then it’s brilliant! Seeing God at work in his awesome power and gentleness is beyond anything we could imagine.

God's powerIn a couple of weeks’ time some of us are going to visit homes in part of the parish to tell people about all that’s going on here at Christ Church and to show them God’s love. Others will be praying for these visits.

You may not be able to take part in this venture, but for all of us, at the start of this term let’s grab all the opportunities we have to be where God’s asking us to be. Sure, there will be times when we wonder what on earth is going on, but it’s never going to be dull and the blessings will be beyond our wildest imaginings.

With love – Debbie