September 26th

overflowing heartMATTHEW 15

Where are our hearts?


v8. These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me.


Integrity can be one of those buzz words about church, but actually it is one of the core things that Jesus criticises the religious authorities of his time for. Their religious appearance was not backed up with a heart that was seeking to please God. Jesus longed for people to worship in spirit and truth, that what was going on on the inside was what came out, rather than just faking it.


Where are our hearts with God? Maybe our hearts are full after a summer full of opportunities to draw closer to God. Then let’s allow that praise to flow out of our lives. Or maybe we are struggling as we feel like our heart is far from God. Be honest in that. God is big enough to cope with the reality of our situation and he wants us to bring the reality of our situation to him.


Father God, help me to worship you in spirit and truth. Help me to love you and praise you with an overflowing heart. And in the more difficult times Lord, help me to be real before you. Amen