September 24th – Tracy Brown

Dear friends,

10 years ago I left my job as a Marketing Account Manager working on the Argos Catalogue (amongst other things).   On September 4th 2005, with great trepidation, I started my new job at Christ Church as Pastoral Care Coordinator – a HUGE change in every way. I can hardly believe it has been 10 years. When I started my daughters were 9 and 14!

The time has flown by and I have seen many changes at Christ Church. Ten years’ worth of interns or ‘gappers’ as they used to be called, various church weekends away, and at home, Ignite & Resonate youth holidays, an interregnum, amazing church wardens, great vicars and curates and different staff teams, the old church room demolished and the Junction built, and so the list goes on.

To be honest, in 2005 when I came to work the first day I had no idea what the job would entail. Gavin Collins, our vicar at the time said, ‘Tracy you will love it, you’ll spend time listening to people and drinking coffee.’ He was right. I do both of those things but much more besides and as I think back over the years I feel humbled and privileged to have served Christ Church and our local community in so many varying ways.

I have always said that we are all pastoral carers – each and every one of you cares for somebody or many people. It is what Jesus did and what he asks us to do in his name. And it’s what I do. I sit with people and listen and sometimes we laugh and sometimes we cry. I also co-ordinate some of the support, practical and emotional, so that it is not duplicated or missed. I know I have sometimes missed things and I apologise if you feel that you have had a need that has not been recognised. As our church grows it becomes even more important that we continue to share the load and care for one another.

Thank you so much for the part that you have played in caring pastorally and for your help to me personally. This has been and continues to be the best job ever (well most of the time!) and for the foreseeable future I look forward to continuing to serve here.

With love,


(Pastoral Care Coordinator)