September 13th


Jesus the refugee


v14 When he arose (Joseph), he took the young child and his mother by night, and departed into Egypt.


This verse is about when Joseph was told in a dream to flee into Egypt as Herod was trying to destroy Jesus. It’s possible to forget that Jesus came into a traumatic world and was in instant danger. This verse is also a timely reminder that Jesus was himself a refugee and a migrant as he fled Israel and sought safety in Egypt.


With everything that is going on in Europe and its portrayal in the media we should keep in mind that our Lord and Saviour was himself a refugee. Let us remember this and ensure we reach out in love to those in need. He taught us that everyone is our neighbour, so let’s show people in our actions and our words the love he showed us. Jesus would have been much more likely to be found in a refugee camp than in a grand house or palace.


Lord God, thank you for your Son. Help me remember his example in how to show your love in the world. I pray for those throughout the world fleeing violence and persecution or who find themselves without a home. Let your love be found in these situations and help me to show it to my fellow brothers and sisters in all I do. Amen.