Roxana – September 20th


I am (or hope to be) one of the new youth and children’s interns at Christ Church this year.moving home

Three weeks ago I went out to dinner with a friend from uni and updated her on the latest accommodation woe I was going through. Housing problems have become quite common for me since moving to London—I’ve moved 10 times in the last 4 years. My last move, which was my move to Chorleywood, came much sooner than I had expected. The plan had been to stay at my previous place in Richmond until all the visa paperwork came through and I could move here to work as an intern. However, when I was asked to leave my last place, the paperwork hadn’t come through yet. So I found myself having to move somewhere else while I waited. I wasn’t very happy about this because it wasn’t at all how I had envisioned things to work out, and I really wasn’t looking forward to having to do an extra move.

Wanting to move directly here, I asked Christ Church if I could work as a volunteer while we waited for the paperwork to be accepted. The night my friend and I went out for dinner I hadn’t yet received an answer from the church about this, and I had only four days left in my old place. As I shared all of this with my friend, she told me that she admired how calm I always seemed to be despite the difficulties I often faced. I was surprised at her comment, because I’ve had several moving related meltdowns in the past few years. In fact, I had just had one the previous week. Yet, by the time we were having dinner I was indeed calm and I told her it was because of God. Eventually, He always brings me peace during whatever storm I’m going through in my life.

My friend is not a Christian, so she didn’t really believe it was all God, but it was. I had felt the Lord clearly tell me through Matthew 10:11 to stay where I was in Richmond until I moved here because the move was going to happen by the time I needed to move out. I had faith in this revelation even when my Christian friends questioned it, and I ended up moving to Chorleywood in four days’ time.

Now, as some of you may now, I am now faced with having to go back to America while we continue to wait for the visa paperwork. There is no guarantee that I will be able to come back, but I have faith that I will. Sure, I wasn’t very happy about going back given that I’ve only been here for two weeks and am now having to pack my bags again. I was angry, I cried, and complained for two hours during which I unwillingly booked my flight back. However, after being upset I was suddenly filled with peace. Later, I was dancing as I cooked my dinner; and before I went to bed I happened to come across Genesis 28:15, which says, “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land”. I believe this is a promise from the Lord, and I believe He will be faithful.

So I trust I will see you again, Christ Church, but for the time being I leave you with this testimony so that it might encourage you all to trust God in whatever storms you might be facing and to ask for the peace to which you are entitled despite them.

In faith – Roxana