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February 5th – Sylvia Mann

Dear Friends Each year on 2nd February Candlemas is celebrated.   As Candlemas occurs at a time between the December Solstice and the …

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January 29th – Izzy Walker

Hello friends! A new week, a new staff letter, this time on the theme of expectancy! I’m not going to chirp on …



      Hello friends, Here’s the link to the YPF Spring ’17 term plan… Enjoy term-plan-ypf-spring-2017 Love, Fiona xo

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Soul Survivor 2017

  Dear YPFers & families, Happy 2017! It’s time to start talking summer holidays. Who’s up for a week of camping, dancing, …


Spring Term 2017

Hello all! I hope everyone is having a really great Christmas Break and enjoying celebration Jesus’ birthday with all your family and …


Christmas Day! – David Hall

Dear friends NEW BEGINNINGS AT CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR For me, Christmas begins several times. On 1st December, or when we actually …


December 11th – Izzy Walker

Hello one and all, Have you ever found yourself wondering where all the wealth on the earth is located? No? Well, I …


November 27th – Debbie Bloomfield

Dear Friends, I wonder if you’re one of those people who already have their Christmas cards written, presents bought, perhaps even wrapped, …