October 8th

made-pureMATTHEW 27 

The mockery of Jesus


v.42 “He saved others” they said, “but he can’t save himself.”


Jesus faced the ultimate indignation for you and me – hanging naked on a cross, mocked by those around him and ridiculed for not saving himself. Why did he do all that? To ensure you and I have forgiveness for our sins. Everything he went through was an act of love for us, to bring us into eternal life with the Father. His love for you is deeper than anything you have ever done or will do, and covers all your sins.


Today, try to make sure you regularly stop what you are doing and thank God for his ultimate sacrifice. Pause during your day and thank him for the price Jesus paid to enable us to spend eternity with the Father, in his love.


Father, thank you for Jesus. Thank you that you sent your only Son as a perfect sacrifice, so I could live freely in your love. May I never lose the wonder of the cross, and may I always live in the freedom it brings. Amen.