October 5th

LookoutboyMATTHEW 24

He’ll return, but we don’t know when


v.42 Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come.


We know that one day Jesus will return and usher in the fulfilment of the Kingdom of God. But we do not know when – only the Father knows the time when Jesus will return. The call to us is to live in this uncertainty, to live as if Jesus could come back at any minute. Living that way frames our thinking; it encourages us to live a more Kingdom-focussed life.


Try to start each day by remembering there is no way of telling when Jesus returns, but it could be that day. Think about what that means for how you will live your day – the conversations you have, the things you pray for, the way you witness to those around you.


Father, thank you that one day Jesus will return and we will be free of pain and suffering. Until that day, may I live my life as if you were coming back tomorrow and may I serve you and follow you with all I have. Amen.