October 3rd

Bible-Love-Religious-stock-Photos-1024x683MATTHEW 22

Tricky questions – profound answers



v29 You are in error because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God.


The Pharisees tried to trap Jesus; the Sadducees also. Towards the beginning of Matthew’s gospel, the devil did the same when he tempted Jesus in the wilderness. Each time, Jesus’ knowledge of scripture supported him and provided answers. It was obvious that he knew his Old Testament well so that when tricky questions arose, his intimate knowledge of scripture became his inspiration and guide.


There are many ethical and difficult issues that we all encounter day by day, as well as numerous temptations to deal with. Where then do we go for help and wisdom in a world that promotes the ideology of: ‘if it feels all right to you then it must be okay to do it’? Applying what God teaches us through the careful and prayerful reading of scripture comprehensively equips us for everything (2 Timothy 3 v16-17).


Father God, thank you for your word which is God-breathed and which enables us to be equipped for every good work. Help us to make the reading of it a daily priority. Amen.