October 30th

Gold_and_Silver_Refining_Services_1MALACHI 2:17-3:5 

God the Refiner 


v.5 So I will come near to you for judgement


God’s judgement will come, suddenly and powerfully, and is compared to the process of refining gold and silver. Malachi’s message makes it clear that the justice the people of Israel have longed for will be uncompromising and fierce but ultimately result in beauty in his eyes.


The process of refining precious metals involves dirt and high temperatures. It is melted and reformed. It’s not easy or gentle but it produces purity and beauty. God’s refining and disciplining of us is the same. While there are times when we must learn painful lessons his ultimate desire is for us to be pure and beautiful in his eyes. We should not fear.


Lord, help me to trust your judgement, to submit to your refining love and grow into the disciple you have planned for me to be. Amen.