October 26th

God's wayMALACHI 1:1-5

Man proposes, God disposes


v.4b “They may build, but I will demolish.”


Despite the fact that the Jews had been allowed to re-establish the Temple and the walls of Jerusalem, they nevertheless failed to see God’s hand in this and again forsook His commands, preferring their own opinions and ways of doing things.


We know that in comfortable Chorleywood we are most unlikely to have to face the trauma of exile from our homeland and the loss of all our possessions. Consequently we can come to presume that our way of life, our behaviour and our plans are in line with God’s will for us. Do we ever stop to check those things against Scripture and the advice of Christian friends?


Lord, please help me not to presume that I am always right, but instead seek Your will through the voice of the Holy Spirit in my heart and the counsel of friends. Amen