October 18th

standingout1 CORINTHIANS 9

Be adaptable in the service of the Gospel


v.22b I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some.


In vv.19 – 23 Paul is advocating the need to be ready to mix with all kinds of people and with all kinds of views without, of course, violating our commitment to Jesus.


It would be easy and comfortable for us to restrict our social interaction to those within the church, but what value has this for the rest of the world? Providing that we do not go against our Christian principles, it is our duty to remain engaged with society. How else will most people ever see the Christian life lived out or hear about Jesus, if not from us?


Lord, forgive me for the times when I have avoided standing up for you. Please show me how and where I can be an effective witness for you. Amen.