October 17th

encourage others1 CORINTHIANS 8

What effect may our actions have on others?


v.1b Knowledge makes us proud of ourselves, while love makes us helpful to others. (Contemporary English Version)


Paul is here dealing with another of the problems of the early church: to eat or not to eat food sacrificed to an idol. The Corinthian Christians knew that idols have no power, but those people new to the church and coming from a pagan environment could still be struggling with this problem and might be troubled by seeing established Christians eating such food.


We may be secure in our ethical standards and our behaviour, but we may well meet people in the family of the church for whom these are not settled matters. They are still learning and growing as we once did. Therefore we must be careful not to do or say things which might undermine their growing faith.


Lord, help me to be sensitive and thoughtful in my dealings with others, treating everyone with the love that you have shown to me. Amen.