November 6th

GalatiansGALATIANS 5

True freedom 


v.1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free


This scripture (v.1) seems to be stating the obvious, but Paul is pointing out how complete the freedom is that we have in Christ, releasing us from all ties of legalism and the dangers we face when finding our own way through life.


If we fully accept the gift of God’s love and forgiveness demonstrated on the cross then why do we so cling to the ways of the world. The freedom he has given us does not mean we are abandoned! It means that we are loved so much that he gives us a new, safe and perfect way to follow (vv.16-18).


Lord, help me cast off the things of the world that bind me and pull me away from you and give me a true sense of the freedom you have given me. Amen