November 27th – Tracy Brown

Dear Friends,

Autumn’s Masterpiece

There are parts of Autumn that I LOVE as a season … walking through the crunchy leaves, crisp bright mornings, the kaleidoscope of colours, fireworks and bonfires and lighting the first fire of winter. When people say there is no God, I wonder what they see when they look at our beautiful world.

This season provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the fullness of life and the harvest. As we put our gardens to bed for winter and the nights draw in, it can be tempting to light the above fire and hibernate, but can I encourage you to invite others to share this season with you?

lonelyFor some, as Autumn heralds winter and the days get shorter and darker, it is a bleak and lonely time. It is our responsibility as God’s hands and feet on earth to watch out for these people. Usually when people feel lonely they say it is for one of two reasons:
They don’t see or talk to people very often
Although they are surrounded by people, they don’t feel cared for or understood.
Someone recently said to me that they were in the midst of a crowd of people in church but felt invisible.

So please open your eyes as you enjoy the season and look out for your neighbours, your colleagues, people in church or extended family members and offer a hand of friendship, send them a note or give them a ring, better still offer to meet up with them.
Encourage people to try out new things where they might be able to meet new friends and offer to go along with them to start with. There is a wealth of things happening over the next few weeks, both in church and in the local area, so invite them to come along to something with you. If you are at all worried about someone who appears very low, then remind them that they can talk to their GP – again it might help to offer to go along with them.

I would like to end this letter with the most encouraging truth that we can share with anyone or perhaps hear afresh for ourselves this week:
‘He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.’ Hebrews 13 verse 8. Our God is eternally unchanging and faithful – no matter the season nor the circumstances.

Love Tracy