November 24th

made-pureHEBREWS 9

The new covenant


v.15 …Christ is the mediator of a new covenant…


The old covenant made with one people depended on the strict observance of laws and customs and on the sacrifice of animals. The new covenant ushered in by Jesus depends wholly on Jesus’ sacrifice of Himself, leading to the consequent availability of the Holy Spirit to all people.


We must beware of falling into the trap of saying that in order to be acceptable to God or to please Him, we must observe certain special days or activities, do special actions or say particular things; by so doing we burden ourselves with things that are an echo of the first covenant (vv.9+10). Jesus’ blood is enough.


Thank you, Lord, that I am made free by Jesus’ sacrifice and that with the Spirit’s help I am made able to follow You and serve You. Amen