March 4th – Brianna Ricciardo

G’day friends,

It’s been a week of constant predictions of snow, and it hasn’t failed to deliver. We’ve been blessed with unlimited amounts of snow over the last few months and as an Aussie only seeing snow in the movies, I personally couldn’t be

It’s always exciting at first, the ideas of sledging, snowman building, and snowball fights at any unexpected moment – but people can often feel down after the first day. It gets in the way of our schedules, it’s cold, it gets in the house, it blocks the roads and trains and when it is getting washed way it becomes muddy and slushy.

After that first day and sometimes even before the snow starts, we wish the snow away. But what we sometimes don’t realise is the beauty that it brings.  God’s creation is good. And when we focus on the negative things we forget that God and all He has created is in fact good. There’s beauty in every season, in every day if we look for it.

I encourage you to look for the beauty in people and their hearts rather than the things that irritate you.

There’s beauty in them as there is in all seasons. Summer is warm, we can spend the day outdoors for a bit without needing a coat, it brings people together to enjoy a nice day of sport, or picnics in the great outdoors. Winter brings us together inside for warm meals and toasty teas, and a log fire that makes any home feel cosy.

There are troubles in all seasons too, but why not ask God to enlighten you to the beauty in people you meet, in work, in school and in all the other people that impact our day-to-day lives. If we allow God to speak to our hearts then the challenges that come with the seasons, days and people are really gifts of his grace for us to grow.  His grace grants us the opportunity to see more and to grow more as a person when we choose to feel blessed by those positive things (this means the rain as well!).

Proverbs 17:22 says: A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones”. Choose to be the sunshine in a cold and cloudy country. Use it as a chance to be still before God, bring him your worries, your doubts, spend time with your family and have fun in the snow!

Love,  ‘A Wintry Aussie’ Bri (Children’s & Youth Intern)