March 19th – Simon Tulett

Dear Friends

ExerciseAs I write this letter I’m now 70 days into a new effort to get myself back into shape. Every work-day morning I’ve been dragging myself early out of bed, hopping in the car, and heading over to William Penn to get a decent swim in before heading off to work. At first, if I’m honest, it was not hugely fun, particularly as I wasn’t the most practised swimmer. So I spent the first few weeks floundering around in the slow lane getting overtaken by people three times my age! Now though, I love it. The discipline of working at making the time to look after my body has changed who I am. I feel stronger, happier, I have more energy, and others have noticed the change too.

This week I’ve been reading a few Bible passages that compare exercising our faith with exercising our body. You should have a read of them too. They are: 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27, 1 Timothy 4: 8-10, Romans 12: 1-8.

We have access to Jesus through his grace, so what would it look like for us to apply or keep our self-discipline in ‘exercising’ what we now have as His children? How would it change who we are?

One of the things I’ve loved about the last 70 days is that bit by bit, a small community of people (only four at the moment) have started getting involved too, joining me in the mornings either in the pool or the gym next door. One person has started running out on the streets at the same time.

Together we are getting to inspire each other to get back in shape! By finding the discipline to ‘exercise’ our own faith, we might even find that it not only benefits us, but that those closest in our lives might start growing in their walk with Jesus too.

Simon (Tulett)