January 21st – Debbie Bloomfield

Dear Friends,

You may already have picked up that we’re currently focussing on serving. The sermons are exploring the call to serve and different ways of serving. Each week in all three services we are hearing the testimonies of people within our church family who give their time and talent in one or more areas of our family life. I wonder what your immediate response is when someone asks you to consider how you can use the gifts God has given you to serve here?

Last week as I was asked to consider this I had an absolute crisis of self-confidence. The internal dialogue went something like this … “What gifts has God given me? I don’t have any gifts! I can’t do this job … I can’t do any job!…” You get the idea. Suddenly a question that was asked to encourage my service to God was hijacked by the enemy and any sense of worth I previously had was gone. See, the enemy knows that when we commit to serving our loving God, He showers us with blessings and encourages our faith. And the enemy certainly doesn’t want our faith to grow stronger!

Anyway, because I needed to encourage others to consider how they might serve I couldn’t leave it at that. In the 21st century what do we do when we have a question we are struggling to answer? … Google! To cut a long story short, within 20 minutes I felt affirmed and encouraged with a restored sense of who I am in Christ. I know this isn’t the most traditional route to have gone down, but I did an online questionnaire on spiritual gifts – 30 questions to give gut-response answers to – which then gave me a profile of my gifting. As I looked at the profile I knew, “This is how God sees me, loved, gifted and faithful and wanting to know Him more”.

That evening, feeling rather vulnerable, I shared the afternoon’s faith journey and, as I shared it I felt God’s blessing and encouragement once more. In a small way I got out of the boat and walked on the water! And this is what we’re called to.

Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” (1 Peter 4 v10)

called to serveAs we are asked to consider how we can serve, let us remember it is not an option but a calling. And as we show our love for God in serving others, so he smiles his blessings on us and we are encouraged.

With love and prayers, Debbie

P.S. The best way to find most answers is to read God’s word … not Google! But online tests about spiritual gifts such as www.sdrock.com have their good points!