IMPACT Youth this week (Monday 6th February 2017)


Wonder what we’re all about?

Impact Youth Ministry exist to share the way of Jesus with our friends and family, to show them His love and to grow passionate followers of God who seek to worship Him with their whole lives.


Hello friends,


How are you all doing? This is the first time I’ve had a chance to write to you properly since returning from maternity leave. It is genuinely such a joy & a privilege to be back ‘fully engaged’ with youth ministry here and I want you to know that God has given me a very deep love for each of you.

I wonder if you’ve ever recognised God speaking to you? One of the big questions I hear teenagers asking is ‘how can I know if it’s God?’ or ‘why can’t I hear God?’ God does speak in many ways, including and especially through the Bible. We want to help you recognise His voice (or another way of saying the same thing is ‘the Holy Spirit’s leading’) in your life, so if you’re not sure you’ve ever ‘heard’ God, make a point of chatting to the youth team.

There have been times in my life where God has seemed silent for a very long time. There have also been times where He seems to speak freely and it’s been hugely encouraging. At the moment, He is speaking and it’s shaking me to the core. I feel challenged, all over again, by Jesus’ example when just before he heads to the cross he says to God in prayer,

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done (Luke 22:42)

I wonder what a difference it would make to our lives if we followed Jesus more fully? What if each day we could say, ‘Father, not my will but yours be done’, whether it seemed like it would lead us into blessing or suffering or both?

I saw a young person in our youth ministry put someone else’s needs before his own, with significant personal sacrifice. To many of us it could have seemed a small thing, but to him it wasn’t, and I felt a deep sense of admiration for his choice to put someone else’s needs before his own. In essence he made a choice to follow Jesus’ example of laying down his needs to respond to someone else’s. A quiet but certain, ‘Father, not my will, but yours’.


It’s a bold but powerful prayer. Join me! I’m learning again how to pray it.


Tons of love,



Things to draw your attention to:

The YPF Term plan is available to download. It’s full of dates for your diaries as well as what’s coming up each week. Just click on this link

Soul Survivor books are now open! For the full letter with key dates and how to book, Just Click this link

For those struggling with anxiety/depression/that dreaded ‘sinking feeling’ – a poem and a prayer

Year 13’s & Year 9’s: there will be no sleepover at the junction this Friday night. Not enough people were around, so we’ll find another time.


Impact youth this week:

Football (year 10-13) – Monday 6th of February

Football is on this week with the usual gang. Come along from 6 till 7!



Where: St. Clement Danes Astroturf

When: 6:00 – 7:00 pm

Cost: £2.00

This is a joint venture with St. Andrews Church. We’re currently running just one pitch, for young people in year 8 and up. It’s a great place to run off some extra energy, build friendships and encourage each other.




Going Deeper (year 6-9) – Tuesday 7th of February

Going Deeper is on this week. Its our last session before half term, so we’ll be having our traditional Going Deeper Cinema. Hope to see you there!



Where: Christ Church – The Junction

When: 6.30pm – 8.00pm

Going Deeper is a great place to catch up with friends, make new ones, hang out, and meet with Jesus!





YPF (year 10-13) at Life Groups- Wednesday 8th of February

YPF are meeting in Life Groups this week as follows:

Pippa, Ron & Jonah’s group meeting at:
Rachel Roger-Lund’s house.
21 beechwood avenue,
little chalfont

Izzy & Simon’s life Group meeting at:
David & Ruth Shaw’s
16 The Byeway

Year 13’s meeting at the Junction:

Where: The Junction.

When: 7.30 – 9.30pm

YPF are a big, fun group of young people who love God. We meet in 4 life groups every other week in order to go deeper with God in friendship with one another. If you’re not sure which group you are in or where to go, give Simon a ring on: 07910 406456.




Rock Solid – Sunday 12th of February

Rock Solid is back this week! We’ll be meeting in the school hall from 10:30.


GOing Deeper


Where: In Church

 When: 10.30 – 11.30 am


Rock Solid normally meet Sunday mornings during the 10.30 service. Rock Solid is designed to be fun, to nurture friendships and to help young people own their faith and grow in it.





Church & Café Fusion – Sunday 12th of February


7pm service

CC logo 2011

cafe fusion

We say it… and we mean it. If you only have time to make it to one Impact Youth event in the week, come to church followed by Café Fusion on Sunday night. Hope to see you there.

Where: Christ Church

When: Service starts at 6.30 pm. Café Fusion is after the evening service, 7.45 – 8.45.

This is a great place to catch up with each other before you start the week.