IMPACT Youth update (18th – 24th September 2017)

Rainbow cccwshortWonder what we’re all about?

Impact Youth Ministry exist to share the way of Jesus with our friends and family, to show them His love and to grow passionate followers of God who seek to worship Him with their whole lives.


Dear friends,

Just in case you haven’t already read it, I wanted to pass on David Halls brilliant and heartfelt staff letter on giving. It’s a bit longer than we’d usual put in the blog but it really is worth a read.

It can be found here: 

Looking forward to seeing you all this week.

Take care,



A few things to draw your attention to:

NEW TERM PLAN FOR YPF – YPF term plan Autumn 2017(click)

NEW THINGS HAPPENING IN THE 10 – 14’s – Click this link to find out more


If you were considering coming to REAL Football this week, please email Simon who will update you on some important details. (



Impact youth this week:


Going Deeper (year 6) – Change of date

It seems our original day of Monday may not be the best day for many of you so we are postponing the start of GD until we find the best day. If you would like your child to join us, please email and he will be in contact with you.



Who: Year 6

Where: Christ Church – The Junction

When: 5.30pm – 7pm

Going Deeper is a great place to catch up with friends, make new ones, hang out, and meet with Jesus!





REAL (year 7 – 9) – Tuesday 18th September

We had a great night at REAL last week. We’ll be getting stuck into our program this week, and a few familiar faces have re-joined the team.



Who: Year 7 – 9

Where: Christ Church – The Junction

When: 6.30pm – 8:30pm

REAL is a space to meet your friends, take part in some of our great games, and give you an opportunity to decide for yourself ‘Is Jesus REAL’. 






YPF at the Junction (year 10-13) – Wednesday 19th of September 

YPF are back for the first time meeting at the Junction this week. Starting at 7:30 and finishing at 9:30.

Who: Year 10 – 13

Where: The Junction

When: 7.30 – 9.30pm

YPF are a big, fun group of young people who love God. We meet in 4 life groups every other week in order to go deeper with God in friendship with one another. If you’re not sure which group you are in or where to go, give Fiona a ring on: 07879 814216.




REAL Life – Sunday 24th of September

We’ll be getting stuck into our new vision for what REAL Life looks like this week. Going through some of our key advice for someone who has just become a Christian.

GOing Deeper


Who: Year 6 – 9

Where: In Church

When: 10.30 – 11.30 am


REAL Life normally meet Sunday mornings during the 10.30 service. REAL Life is designed to be fun, to nurture friendships and to help young people own their faith and grow in it.





Church & Café Fusion – Sunday 24th of September

Robbie Keen is preaching this week He leads an amazing ministry called Jenga, it will be an amazing hear to from him. Not one to miss!

7pm service

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cafe fusion

We say it… and we mean it. If you only have time to make it to one Impact Youth event in the week, come to church followed by Café Fusion on Sunday night. Hope to see you there.

Where: Christ Church

When: Service starts at 6.30 pm. Café Fusion is after the evening service, 7.45 – 8.45.

This is a great place to catch up with each other before you start the week.