Households of Faith

I love our kids’ ministry, we have so much fun and it is such a privilege to share the gospel and the love of God with the Children, but I am so aware that we only see them for a couple of hours a week. Our influence on the lives of your children is limited however as parents, yours is anything but. I’m not a parent, but from what I’ve heard it’s nLove-Bond-of-Perfection-familyot an easy job (understatement of the year, I know!) . Growing children whose faith will stick isn’t just about knowing all the answers it’s also about living our faith out and modelling life with God. It’s a big task and one no one gets right all of the time.

I asked David Hall, our Vicar and father of four, for his thoughts on the subject:

‘One of the things I most appreciated about my parents was their spiritual example in always trying to put God first.  They made their mistakes, as I do now, but they still got the main thing right. I am encouraged by the memory of this and the knowledge that even though I make mistakes as a parent, and do not provide the perfect example all the time, my children know that I am also trying to put God first in my life also.’

We want to support you in your role of creating Households of Faith. A busy family life isn’t always conducive to keeping on track with God. We want to equip you and we would love it if you were equipping each other as well and that is one of the reasons for this blog. So as a way to support you, over the next few months there will be some blogs from parents and grandparents about useful resources and tips they wish they had been given on parenting. There are other things in the works as well which we hope will help you. If you feel you need support on your journey of faith, as we all do, please get in touch.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share drop Cheryl an email.