Holly Draper – 17th July

Hi everyone

We are now coming to the end of our summer term 2016. Somehow the last few months have sped by and it’s now July – despite the weather trying to make us believe otherwise! In the Children’s ministry we have had our Summer socials week where my diet tends to be homemade pizza and popcorn and my finger tips are forever covered in paint and I random bits of Sellotape keep appearing on my clothing.

Detonate logoIn all this fun and laughter and celebration, Detonate 2016 has been slowly and passionately forming behind the scenes, hoping to continue the fun and celebration at the start of the summer holidays. Detonate 2016 starts on July 25th and is our children’s Holiday Club for those in school years 1-6.  It is jointly run by the churches in Chorleywood and we annually see over 300 children coming to hear the Good News about Jesus.

Year on year an amazing group of volunteers offer the first week of their summer holidays to invest in the children of the local area. Pouring out genuine love and giving space for the children to experience God – one of the most important things we can give them.

Many of the leaders who give up their time attended Detonate, or Holiday Club which came before it, as a child. They talk about the love that they were shown there and the fun they had. It’s amazing to witness and to experience the legacy of children’s ministry here in Chorleywood. We want to hear these stories in ten, fifteen years from the children who will be attending this year.

Please can you pray for us?  Please pray for all the fantastic volunteers who have given up their time to come and help make the week possible. Please pray that we get the right number of leaders so we can take children off the waiting list! Please pray for the weather. July weather hasn’t been particularly consistent so far – we need it to be dry so the children can enjoy all the activities to the full!  And please pray that in all that happens we would be sharing Jesus with the children and giving them the space to come and know him themselves.

And to find out how we got on, make sure you’re at the All Age service on August 7th!

With love and thanks

Holly (Children’s Minister)