Haribo Prayers

Last Term I was super excited because I had to suddenly last time lead an Explorers session on a Sunday morning. But it was great, because I love hanging out with the Explorers – you are all so great!

In the Rock one of the many things we love to do is pray. Another thing we love is sweets! So together the Explorers and I came up with a way of combining the twoo! How great is that.

So now, whenever we have some Haribo we can pray too. This was super fun so we though we would share it with you all too.


  • Hearts – pray for those who love us and those that we love too.
  • Cola Bottle – for those who don’t have clean water or food to eat
  • Ring – pray for the things that are special and that we are thankful for
  • Teddy Bear – pray for those who needs a big hug – who might be poorly or sad
  • Fried Egg – pray for things that are a little messy – that we are sorry for and/or we need help with.

So whenever you next have a packet of Starmix Haribo – why not combine it with praying too!

Let me know what you think.

Many Blessings

Holly x