Freddie Ellis – November 15th

Dear Christ Church friends

Seven years ago I started Clayesmore School in Dorset as a young year 7. Five years ago I started year 9 and two years ago I started college. How can so many school years go so quickly? I look back on those days and almost every time some part of me misses them.

The past eight weeks have turned my world upside down. Leaving home and leaving behind my childhood and stepping into adulthood, has been one of the hardest but most exciting things I have ever done. My family and friends mean the world to me and each day I pray that God will keep them safe in their day to day lives.

I grew up in Salisbury and was very privileged to have such a supportive family: a twin sister (see photo), one older brother and one older sister. Growing up with an older brother similar in age meant most things where a competition and the battle to be the best was always there. Sometimes it was a good thing but at times it was hard and to be fair he regularly had the edge. I was never the most academic but I tried hard and that’s something I do in my work here at Christ Church. I try my best in everything I do and make it the best I can.

As soon as I walked into the door at Christ Church I felt welcomed and encouraged, but not a friendly ‘hello’ or ‘well done’. It was something different, an encouragement I have never had before.

FreddieTrue encouragement that comes from the heart can change somebody’s opinion of themselves and it can make them feel top of the world. I challenge you this week, to encourage somebody because you never know how low they are feeling and that encouragement could and can transform their life.

From Freddie (youth & children’s intern)










1 Thessalonians 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.”