Family Fun Bingo Evening!

We had a full house at Christ Church this evening for our first Family Fun Bingo Evening!

A bingo evening I here you say. And yes, you did read that correctly.

IMAG1343_1I can’t really remember where exactly where bingo came from (probably a random conversation between Debbie and I on a busy day!) but the idea was to make an event that was a little different, that families could come to together and spend the evening with one another and with other families too.

Around 80 of us gathered and played a few games of bingo, learning the bingo lingo along the way  (clickity click anyone?), winning a variety of prizes as well as then having dinner together.IMAG1340

It was a great evening and I don’t know about anyone else, but I am now a proud Bingo fan!!

Many thanks to Debbie who organised a lot of the the event, Richard our wo nderful bingo caller, Jane who cook and washed up after, Annie and Serena for helping set up and clearing away, and everyone who came and gave the evening such an incredible atmosphere.

Hope you had fun!! Keep an eye out for future family events! (pass on any ideas!!)

God Bless, Holly