Illuminate (Years 4-5)

logoIlluminate is our discipleship group for all those in school Year 4 and 5.

We meet every Monday from 3:30pm-5:00pm in The Point at The Junction, Christ Church.


We have loads of fun together exploring the BIble as well as playing games, praying, worshipping and being creative. At Illuminate we love asking questions and thinking and discovering more about our faith.



There are also Illuminate Socials.  We love watching films in the church and eating loads of pizza, as well as going bowling and laser questing!!!



This term we are looking at ‘Unsung Heroes’ in the Bible – the people who, even though seem like they have small stories; are actually in fact significant and did significant things.

Just like in our lives, we may not be the most popular or well known- but we can still make a difference and God uses everybody.

Please contact Brianna or Holly if you would like more information about Illuminate!