Electoral roll revisions

electoral-roll-logo-024If you worship frequently at Christ Church, are you ready to commit yourself to the joys and responsibilities of being a member by signing up to the Electoral Roll?   From Sundays 4th to 25th March this is open for revision for those not already on it, in preparation for voting at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) on Thursday 19th April.  Please note that there is no need to re-register every year.

The small green cards and electoral roll forms (in the foyer below the TV) outline the responsibilities of membership:

Regularly attending Sunday worship at Christ Church

Being involved in the fellowship of a small group

Committing to daily personal prayer and Bible study

Supporting world mission, especially in prayer

Seeking to share our faith with our neighbours

*Giving regularly in financial support of Christ Church’s ministry

*Giving time in service of Christ Church’s ministry

Please consider prayerfully if God is calling you to make this your spiritual home, and standing with us in witness to the good news of Jesus Christ to our community and worldwide.

*NB Not only would the church not function without such involvement by its members, but the diocese requires a levy of £500 a year on each of those worshipping and on the electoral roll.