December 20th

pure-heart-waterREVELATION 22

These words are trustworthy and true


v.17 Whoever is thirsty, let him come.


What superb words with which to end the New Testament. Throughout, this chapter echoes words and images from the beginning of scripture, the Book of Genesis. In the heavenly city there is a central river, a tree of life and fruit. Instead of creating the sun and light, there is no need for light in heaven because God himself ‘will give them light’. Instead of being cast out of Eden, God’s people will reign with him for ever.

In these final words of John’s vision Jesus promises three times that he will return. Yet again, as in previous chapters John is told that: ‘These words are trustworthy and true.’ That’s for us to take on board as well as John.


The whole vision that forms the Book of Revelation has this key purpose: to provide a picture of a life spent without God and a life spent in the presence of God, now and in eternity. To all who are spiritually thirsty the Lord’s message is simply ‘Come!’ His free gift to us all is his water of life. We are all welcome to drink. Maybe for you it’ll be the first time you reach out to taste his life-giving water. Maybe for you there’s a dryness about your Christian journey and you need God come to refresh your life again. Whatever your need today, reach out for the new life he offers, the life of his Spirit. As the Psalmist put it: ‘Go on – taste and see that the Lord is good!’(Psalm 34.8).


Lord Jesus, thank you for the vision that John wrote down, so that we might be instructed and inspired as he was. Help us to open our lives to the new possibilities you offer. Refresh us with the water of life that you alone can give, the water of life that lasts for ever. As John wrote in his concluding words, may your grace be with God’s people. Amen.