December 17th


King of kings and Lord of lords


v.5 A voice came from the throne saying: ‘Praise our God, all you his servants, you who fear him, both great and small.’


It’s hard to read the words of this chapter without thinking of two pieces of music. First, the sounds of a full orchestra and choir making the rafters ring with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus from Messiah. Secondly, Martin Smith’s well-known song that confidently affirms that Our God reigns.

After contemplating in previous chapters the godlessness that often confronts the people of God, we, with John, are caught up into the glorious affirmation that Jesus is ‘King of kings and Lord of lords’. He will not be defeated; he will be victorious. His reign now begins.


We may face times when we feel overwhelmed and beleaguered by events, by people or by circumstances. Difficult though our journey may be, God can lift our spirits by the assurance that comes to us in these words – from the One who is The Word. We find that his name has power – power to transform, power to turn potential spiritual defeat into spiritual victory. What is more, he shares his remarkable authority with us, with all who are his faithful followers (verse 10). The angel, the messenger of Almighty God, says (verse 9) that God will bless us, because, as his children, with sins forgiven, we are invited to the ‘wedding supper of the Lamb’. If that seems unbelievable by being so undeserved, the angel adds this authenticating statement: ‘These are the true words of God’. Who are we to doubt the blessings that God promises to give us!jesus_christ_01


Jesus, my Saviour, I praise you and worship you for all that you give me. Thank you that I can depend on you, the ‘King of kings and Lord of lords.’ Thank you too that you invite me, in spite of all my imperfections, to take my place at your table. Thank you for the loving blessings that you shower upon me. Amen.