December 10th

God's powerREVELATION 12

God rules, OK! 


v.10 “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Christ.”


We can’t begin to imagine the second sign in this chapter which describes the red dragon; it would be perhaps a good subject for a character in Dr Who!  This, however, is not one that we might grow fond of.  Rather, the dragon is the embodiment of all evil.  He is the ‘ancient serpent called the devil, Satan, who leads the whole world astray’ (v9), the one who was expelled from heaven.


When we look back to the start of Jesus’ ministry, we see that Satan opposed and tried to destroy him.  Today, we are also aware that we live in an ungodly world where witnessing to Christ brings suffering.  It’s good to be reminded, then, of the important truth that God has decisively defeated the devil and that his time on the earth is short.


Lord, when I see the sin of this world, help me to remember that Satan’s power is limited and that you indeed reign.  In you alone come salvation and power that dispels all fear. Amen.