David Hall – January 10th



In Colossians 1 v10, Paul tells the church family in first century Colossae that he is praying that they will be “bearing fruit in every good work”.  It is not a demand, instead, it is his godly aspiration for God’s people.

Along with the wardens and others in leadership, I share that aspiration for every member of our church family here at Christ Church.  We’ve just celebrated Christmas, and the whole festive period was made possible by the servant-hearted work of a huge team of volunteers, from those who braved the bad weather to help with car-parking to the creative endeavours of our gifted flower team.  On Christmas Eve alone, we estimate that over 1,200 people were welcomed into church to hear the Christian message of hope.  Thank you to all who made this, and our other Christmas celebrations, such a fruitful time of celebration.

It is my fundamental conviction that serving others within our church family is part of complete and whole-hearted discipleship of Christ, and not to do so is to miss out on his blessing in and through our lives.  Over the month of January, we will be exploring the spiritual issues raised by Paul’s letter to the Colossians in relation to our service of one another and focussing on three broad areas of service within our church family.

On Sunday 10th, the theme will be: “Life Stage Ministries” – those areas of service which particularly involve working with those who are young, old or at a point of transition, for example bereavement.

Sunday 17th will see a focus on “Practical Ministries” – serving others in tasks which may well be unseen at the time we perform them, but hugely helpful later, for example polishing the brass, winding the clock, or clearing the graveyard.

On Sunday 24th J.John will be challenging us on the whole theme of discipleship.

Finally on 31st we will consider “Interface Ministries” – those areas of service which require friendly interaction with others like sidesmen, welcome duties and the all-important work of our ABC team, who welcome the community into the Junction on a daily basis.

Serving discipleship is open to everyone and an important spiritual step in its own right.  It can not only be a mark of deepening commitment to God and his people, it can also be an excellent way of developing a deeper sense of belonging for relative newcomers to the church family.  I believe it’s God’s aspiration for every single one of us in 2016.  Let us listen carefully to his voice challenging us over this month of opportunity.

Yours in Christ,

David Hall

Among the Life Stage Ministries in which you might like to consider serving are:

Children’s groups (Sundays & midweek), Youth Mentoring, Youth Ministry (Sundays & midweek), Lifts for the sick & elderly, Midweek Toddlers, Lunch @ The Junction, Prime Timers

The experience of being involved in a ministry area can be life-changing …

Anna Kay Brocklesby has been helping in Rock Solid (11-13 year olds) on a Sunday morning twice a month for the last three years.

“What a privilege and blessing these last three years have been. Getting to know and travel alongside these young people on their spiritual journey, learning together, sharing our experiences of God our heavenly Father and Jesus our Saviour and friend has been truly life changing.

“The little of my time that I give to Rock Solid has been multiplied in personal spiritual blessings many-fold by my God who just keeps on giving!”