Confirmation at Christ Church


On the 18th of March 2018 Christ Church will be holding a confirmation service

What is it? Confirmation gives you the opportunity to affirm your love for and commitment to Jesus and your intention to live the rest of your life as a committed follower of His. You will share a short 70 word testimony, then the Bishop will pray that God gives you power, through the Holy Spirit, to enable you to live in the way of Jesus. Through confirmation you are welcomed as a member of the local and the worldwide church family.

David Hall has requested that all candidates for Confirmation attend at least one of the confirmation preparation classes, preferably the second if you are not able to make them all.  The dates for these sessions are:

For those age 10-14: 6th March, 13th March – 7pm (during REAL)

For those age 14-18: 4th March, 11th March – 5pm

If you haven’t already, please confirm you are able to come to at least one of these in order to ensure that you are prepared and able to go ahead with confirmation.

To confirm please email Simon Tulett (

Further details are available on our candidate letter – (Letter to candidates)