Abundance of…oranges!? – Christingle Service

On Sunday 13th was Christingle Sunday! Together we looked at how the Christingle was like Jesus’ birthday candle. Our birthday cake usually says something about us, decorated with something we love or enjoy – disney princesses, Thomas the Tank Engine, or the good classic Caterpillar cake. To which we have birthday candles upon them to indicate our age. The Christingle – meaning Christ’s Light – is similar; it tells us about Jesus.

  • The orange represents the world which God created and He loves so much.
  • The four cocktail sticks represent the four seasons and even though they are all very different, God is with us in them all.
  • The ‘fruits’ (or dolly mixtures and raisens in our case!) represent all the good things that God gives us all year round – our family, friends, sports groups, school.
  • The red ribbon/tape reminds us of Jesus’ blood he shed for us when he died on the cross so that all our bad bits could be forgiven and we could be friends with God again. He reminds us of how He love is never ending and He loves everyone
  • The candle represents Jesus and how he is the light of the world. Just how a candle brings light to any dark room, Jesus does the same. In all the bad and sad things in the world, Jesus bring in his love and hope.


In all our Rock groups every child made their own Christingle (cocktails sticks being watched over to afraid any injuries!). We then came into main Church with the rest of our family and friends and lit the candles whilst singing ‘Away in a Manager’. This was so beauitful, and a great moment to just be still and reflective – recentering ourselves on Jesus.  And I am delighted to say that the mutliple buckets of water and sand were not required – success!