Christians In The Workplace

christians in the workplace.pngOn average people spend over 50% of their waking hours working and yet some Christians struggle to connect their faith to their work.

“Christians in the Workplace” is an initiative by Christ Church to help Christians relate their faith to the challenging realities of the workplace.

Meetings take place monthly in a home environment on a Saturday morning at 8.30 till 10 am including breakfast.
A wide range of topics are discussed such as:
• What does the Bible have to say about the workplace?
• How do I achieve work/life balance – or is this just impossible?
• How do I navigate the sometimes politically charged work environment?
• How can I be an effective witness in the tough business world?
• How do I survive and then thrive from the tough experience of being made redundant?
• How should I relate to my boss?
• How do I develop personal disciplines that safeguard my behaviours?
• How do I handle pressure?.

This is a great forum for exploring how we can translate our Christian faith to the workplace.

Contact the church office if you would like details on future meetings.