Daily Discipleship, Page 4

The Daily Discipleship project has come to an end but many of the studies are available here …


October 20th

1 CORINTHIANS 11 Kneeling in worship, remembering with thanksgiving

The Way

October 19th

1 CORINTHIANS 10 Doing the right things for the right reasons


October 18th

1 CORINTHIANS 9 Be adaptable in the service of the Gospel

encourage others

October 17th

1 CORINTHIANS 8 What effect may our actions have on others?

times in your hands

October 11th

1 CORINTHIANS 2 Humility and the Holy Spirit’s wisdom


October 10th

1 CORINTHIANS 1 Straight talking with Christian love

sacrifice of praise

October 7th

MATTHEW 26 What is she doing with that perfume?


October 5th

MATTHEW 24 He’ll return, but we don’t know when


October 4th

MATTHEW 23 Jesus denounces the Scribes and Pharisees


October 3rd

MATTHEW 22 Tricky questions – profound answers