Cake, cake and more cake

IMG-20150209-WA0022Last weekend a group of year 5 girls from our Sunday group got together for a fantastic tea party at the Junction. We enjoyed baking, chatting, a bit of nail polishing and lots of eating. We wanted to get to know each other a bit better and just enjoy some time together without the boys and younger ones. Relaxing and having fun were the name of the game!

Sometimes although Explorers is really fun it’s hard to get to know everyone well; so we thought it might be nice to meet up in a smaller group and do some bonding!

We started by cooking up a storm in the form of some delicious chocolate chip cupcakes. While we waited for them to cook we painted each others nails and chatted. I found that it wasn’t just my nails that we painted – in the end one of my hands looked like it had a horrible disease – all red and orange spots!

When the cakes came out of the oven we decorated them with loads of amazing coloured icing and sprinkles. The popping candy was definately the favourite though. Fortunately even after consuming large amounts of it no-ones head popped off! The finished cakes looked fabulous and there was just enough time to try a couple with an indulgent hot chocolate before it was time to head home with the rest of the batch!

So much fun we’ll have to do it again!