Book Review – God and Me

One of our Dads has found a great book to use with his kids so I asked him to tell us all a bit about it.  We would love to hear if there is something that you and your children love to use or do to help them in their journey with God!

God and Me – for children in Scramblers and Creche

Our children are four and two, and are both big fans of the book ‘God agod and mend Me’ – it’s been their favourite bedtime book for some time!

There is a different page for each day of the year, which encourages the children to talk about all kinds of things. It gives them chance to talk about what matters to them, and how they might be feeling.

Each day the topic is different, and is almost always something that the children are interested in discussing. Then starting from these points of interest the children are encouraged to think about what God is like, how he cares for them and how he wants them to live in his world.

Then at the bottom of each page there is a short prayer based on the topic and written in a way that helps children develop their own relationship with God.

God and Me – a great way to end the day!