Abbie Hall 5th June

Hi friends,

I really feel God is using all our experiences to develop us as children of God. I believe all the challenging things we go through have a glimmer of hope because God’s grace brings us through. Whether this is through a sense of peace or a miraculous coincidence, God is always working.

This week every year (the end of May/start of June) is always a fairly emotional time. It takes me back 12 years ago to when I lost my dad suddenly. This was really tough as it was just before my 8th birthday and I didn’t expect it. This experience was so confusing and as a child it seemed so unfair.

But God is always working.

During this time I had many questions, as you can imagine. What might happened next? Who is this God? Lots of things were unclear. But this was the draw for me attending church.

I went with my grandparents, still do now and I’ve never looked back! God has been so great to me and has continually shown up in the darkest of times. The passing of my dad is still hard but I became a Christian as a result and gained a Heavenly Father, which has been so rewarding and so special.

I was reminded recently of a line from the song Sovereign over us:
‘You’re working in our waiting,
Sanctifying us.
Beyond our understanding
You’re teaching us to trust’.

Isn’t this so true?

I really want to thank those that have been praying for my next steps after Christ Church. God has listened and has been working in my waiting.

I have an interview at Cliff College in Derbyshire to study Youth ministry. It’s been a long wait to hear back from them but God was preparing me and teaching me to trust him.

We will never understand God’s timing but let’s all take comfort that everything is under his control and he is working in our waiting. He has a bigger, more incredible plan for our lives. He will never leave us and will always be there to shine hope in our tough times.

Love and blessings.

Abbie xx