9th July – Holly Draper

Exodus 33:14 – and He said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest”Rest

Rest. A word which we use so widely, and on the surface we all want to spend time doing – why wouldn’t we?!- but something that many of us are unable to achieve well, myself included.

In May I was off ill for 3 weeks with a viral infection which completely zapped my energy levels and all I could do was lie in bed and be in and out of sleep. I suppose some of you might think: ‘3 weeks of staying in bed, you lucky thing!’ However I really didn’t like it. I was missing all the staff and the kids, I was feeling guilty for leaving the interns to run it all – which they did marvellously! I was missing out on all my weekend plans that had been put into place months ago. I was tired of being tired and I was annoyed! But I needed rest to get better.

It can seem like we don’t have time for rest. How funny that we feel like that . But rest is God inviting us to care for and pay attention to the physical body he has given us. It’s a command! That’s because he loves us, knows us and cares for us. We need time to stop and be still. To look at ourselves and see and seek what it is we get our rest from – what fills our ‘bucket’ up rather then draining it.

God is the place we can rest our weary heads. Because He is good, compassionate, fierce, strong, unchanging. He also knows us and made us individually and knows what ways we can best use our rest time.

So I challenge you to spend some time this week to just stop and see how you might be able to rest well. I’m still at the start of this discovery, but when I have started to rest better, I’m able to do everything I love, so I now actively put into practice the act of resting.

Love Holly

Holly Draper, Children’s Minister