30th July – David Hall

Dear Friends,



On Monday 24th July, Detonate, the Christian children’s camp started appropriately with a bang – one of the fake palm trees on stage falling over – thankfully in the opposite direction to me!  Detonate was an epic undertaking as more than 500 children and helpers descended on the Russell School for a great programme of fun with a serious gospel message at the core.

The theme for the first day was “Turn to Jesus”, with the featured passage describing that amazing encounter between Jesus and Saul, later to be the Apostle Paul, on the road to Damascus.  In the middle of the encounter, Saul hears these words from heaven: “I am Jesus” (Acts 9 v5) and for the first time encounters the overwhelming power of God.  We prayed for the children, and the day’s programme began, with Saul’s journey and its associated spiritual encounter at its heart.

JourneyThis summer, we may well make many journeys. As you read this, the Hall family will have embarked on their annual pilgrimage to the French Alps.  In the course of the holiday, I will often find myself in a beautiful empty village church, open throughout the day for prayer, as so many are in that area.  I will stop and take a moment to thank God his many blessings.

Take time on your journeys this summer to listen out for God, read his word carefully and bring your needs to him.  He delights in revealing himself to those who seek him – and quite a few who do not!  Let’s pray that many will hear these words from heaven for themselves: “I am Jesus”.

Yours in Christ,