November 20th – Anne Lovegrove

Dear Friends,

It’s just four weeks since we arrived back from our holiday. The tan is definitely fading, the days have grown shorter with darker mornings and evenings and it’s certainly chillier! Therefore, no longer can I sit by a swimming pool with the sun beating down. No longer are meals outside a possibility and summer clothes are replaced by ones that’ll keep me warm and snug.

When we touched down in Luton those four weeks ago, it was a lovely evening. The sky was blue but as we drove, it gradually changed colour. To my delight, we experienced a glorious sunset and I easily imagined that I was still back in Cyprus.

Sunsets, for me, were a special part of my day. From our villa, we were able to look westerly across the bay and saw some magnificent ones. They made a fitting finale to the day’s activities before a myriad of stars appeared in the night sky.

As the sun disappeared over the hills each day, a couple of verses from the hymn ‘For all the saints’ came into my mind:

The golden evening brightens in the west;

Soon, soon to faithful warriors cometh rest:

Sweet is the calm of paradise the blest.

Alleluia, alleluia!


anneBut lo! There breaks a yet more glorious day;

The saints triumphant rise in bright array:

The King of glory passes on his way.

Alleluia, alleluia!

Together with the beauty of the sunset and the words from that hymn, I was prompted to give thanks to God for all those who have been faithful warriors in their Christian journey and particularly the ones who have helped me in mine.

Of course, some are now enjoying the ‘calm of paradise’ whilst others still accompany me on my earthly pilgrimage.

Recently, I was reading the story of the ten lepers. You’ll know that only one leper came back to thank Jesus for healing him.

Let’s resolve in our daily prayer times (sunset or not!) to thank God for all our brothers and sisters in Christ – both past and present – who have faithfully and lovingly ministered to us.

With love,

Anne Lovegrove